Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh How She’ll Fall

I took a couple of days off this week to get things done around the house. One of those things was to be laundry but it didn’t get done in time. With no clean laundry read: running around, homey like clothes not dry cleaned or special clothing. I did the unthinkable, something I had been mulling around in my mind for a long time. I did the one thing I VOWED I would never do. It couldn’t be helped. I  had to, it was necessary. It all started because someone was hungry and I had to leave my house and go grab dinner but with no clean laundry what was I going to do?

I needed something quick easy and comfortable. It’s about 120 degrees in California so pants are out of the question.  It was almost as if peer pressure had taken over and I finally broke. THE ONE THING I TOLD MY SELF NO MATTER HOW HARD LIFE GETS NO MATTER WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WAS DOING. JUST.DON’T. DO.IT.  I couldn’t help it. I could hear the voices of friends as far back as Jr High telling me “It doesn’t matter”, “who cares”, and other things youth say to one another to be cool.

Matt and I were starving. I tried to get ready to find quick and easy and still pulled together. Because I run into my clients on the street and I feel I need to look a certain way in order to gain the trust and respect of clients. I don’t have an off fashion day. But I did. I was having a moment. A MAJOR MOMENT!  I was torn in two, each half shouting their side of the case

“Do it” one side said.

“It’s ok, no one will know but you”.

“Who cares we live in a different time. No one follows those rules anymore.”

And the other side my inner self said,

“ Its tradition, in this fallen world you must  keep up that traditional value.” The other side pleaded.

“ Don’t follow the fleeting fads of fashions. The old fashion rules will risen again.”

I had to leave, Matt was growing hungrier by the second.  So I did it. I did the unthinkable. I open that bottom drawer where I kept my clean little stash and there they were freshly laundered and waiting. Looking forlorn from lack of use. The pull was magnetic, the sun was still shining and little beads of sweat  began to form on my upper lip and brow. I could hear the birds encouraging me to take them out of the dark drawer and bring them into the light one last time. I thought to myself once wouldn’t hurt. It will be ok and nobody has to know a thing about anything. You'll be back home in 20 minutes and none will be the wiser. Except I couldn’t keep it a secret I felt like a sham and a fraud. A heretic for all my years of preaching the gospel against what I was doing. I knew better. I wasn’t a recent convert due to trend, I was raised deep in this value and here I was about to blow it all because I didn’t do my laundry. At home maybe I could get away with it, and I mean maybe, but never in public. There are things that you keep private and separate like your period panties.

No matter what your beliefs are its hard to change the way you have been hard wired. A major turning point was about to happen, from this moment I will be ever changed. I will either be swayed to believe that this was how life should be and that it is ok or I might have some sort of physical allergic reaction where my skin begins to recede into itself because of what I had done.  With the decision made I grabbed them, I imagined some sort of sword/stone like incident would follow. It didn’t. They came to me freely as if they had missed me it had only been like a week. In truth it was I who had missed them. I slipped them on and felt refreshed as the cool clean white cotton shorts brushed against my freshly shaven thighs. I know you are puking at that last bit but seriously you have no idea how sinful I felt and how luxurious it felt. It was like tasting forbidden fruit, skinny dipping, chocolate in bed without brushing your teeth, you get the picture. Getting let off the hook for a crime that doesn’t exist. It was all in my head or was it.

Now dressed we headed to the car. I rushed into the passenger seat. I couldn’t believe that I was out (at this point in the driveway and that’s out enough) in WHITE after Labor Day. Not just, white but white shorts of all bottoms to wear. But they were the only clean, cool and comfy thing I had to throw on at the moment. My panic eased into a feeling of its just clothes or was it something more? I felt free and uneasy, a contradiction maybe, but that’s just how I felt. I didn’t get out of the car during the trip. not for any reason other than I didn’t need to. But the uneasy was keeping my butt glued to the seat while the free put her feet up on the dash and let the last bit of the days sun kiss her thighs.  

We got home I took the shorts off immediately. There was something about that moment with the sun setting  and all the the images that September produces, caramel apples, pumpkin spice flavored stuff, cinnamon, tweed, roaring fires and fuzzy blankets. Those were all the things I was looking forward to this month and white shorts didn’t go with those images. So crisp and pure and fresh. There was nothing warm and cozy about them. Nothing that made me want to curl up with a good book and my pups. And I thought for a moment and realized white totally doesn’t go with autumn. White is much too bright for falls natural warm pallet of golden leaves and spicy air. A cream sweater cashmere sweater yes but my white shorts are put away until Easter. And I'm ok with that.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Seeing Red

I got a few questions from the wary about wearing red lips, the right color, and a little bit of fear.
In my personal opinion wearing red lips is like taking your hair from jet black to blonde...leave it to the professional to get the color right, then take the style and such into your own hands.

If you haven't worn red lips before here are a few suggestions to help you make the leap:

  • It’s all in the texture. Maybe a sheer red works for like you like Maybelline Baby Soft Lips makes a nice sheer red. Not too slippery with a great color and it’s so light. This is one of my faves to wear on the days when I only want to do a little mascara and I’m just chilling at home or running errands. I am loving matte red because I hate that slippery glossy feel of lipstick. But I also love a good sheer red too.
  • Try make up brands you aren’t used to. Make up is just like jeans, all size 12’s are not created equal. Red is red is pink is rust depending on the designers interpretation don’t be afraid to try them all on in order to find your right fit.
  • How you wear it and apply it makes a difference too. Do you line your lips fill them in and then put the lipstick on? Apply to the bottom lip and rub your lips together? Apply one coat on your full mouth and then blot and reapply and blot again? There are many ways to apply your lipstick. Find out what works for you.

I use these techniques and tricks when searching for the perfect nude lip look too.

Do you have any lip tips? I’d love to hear about them. I work in fashion by profession but I am a constant learner too. Let’s share ladies.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something New

I swear I'm the only woman in my family who doesn't wear red lipstick. I've been experimenting lately with different textures and colors and discovered that I can wear red easily without it getting all over my face.
I bought a matte color to give my face a lift for Fashion's Night Out and I've been wearing it almost daily. For definition I line my lips with Macs Cherry pencil I fill in with Ruby Woo by Mac and dab just a bit of Macs Slim shine lipstick in Urgent!
To finish the look I use a little bit of Maybelline BB cream In deep and Maybelline Mega plush volume express mascara.
It's a great dramatic look for when I'm working the shop and it easy to achieve. I mean who wants to wear tons of make up in the sweltering heat? Or spend a lot of time on a look to sweat it off.
I like the red lips I'll continue to try it out and experiment. So tell me how do you wear the bold lips?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How She Wore It

Rustic & Romantic
I went on a buying trip to LA yesterday and on the way back I decided to bypass my house in favor of hills around it. A 30 second drive and one left turn past my casa leads you to this. It was nice seeing the sun fall back behind the hill. I enjoyed this moment and was immediatly refreshed. What I am wearing: Vintage Cynthia Max silk twinset found in a drawer with tags still on. From the shop. Jeans Old Navy Boots Target 2009 Headband some cheapy place. I bought it so I could knock in off

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How She Wore It

My cool weather ensemble for the day.
Sorry about the last photo I couldn't get it to turn around on my phone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sparkle & Shine

These are brand new  into the shop! I'm so excited to release this sparkly collection of bracelets and hair accessories.
One bracelet will make your outfit go from drab to absolutely amazing.
and for $ 35 how could you go wrong.
Message me for purchase details custom colors are available.
Hope your week is going as fantastic as mine is.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hold On

I love the look of sweater clips. They make such a statement with out a lot of legnth or bulk.
This clip is hand painted leather with fresh water pearls.
Message me for purchase details.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Bloom

Fall is here and so are the blossoms. These blossoms are hand painted leather. Perfect for the holidays. Contact me for order and more pics if you like.
More pics to follow of each piece later today!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing & Hoping

So Missoni For Target is the crash heard around the world. I never thought a luxury label would do that in a chain store. I guess everyone wants a piece of fashion from the iconic design house. Hurray for Target and Missoni but I wonder what these collaborations of bringing high fashion to the masses does to a brand. To the consumer. Is it still special? I have always wanted Missoni pillows for their beauty and exclusivity. I have loved their line for a lifetime with their  Italian sensibility, the famous zigzag, and their bold use of color.

After months of anticipation I decided I wouldn’t buy the clothes. I have a deep fear of seeing someone with an item I have on. The home furnishing I thought would do. Maybe a rug or a vase. A small piece until I save to buy the real Missoni pillows I love. On second thought I will bypass the collection completely. Don’t get me wrong. It is all so beautiful and probably made in China.  Anyone out there with something from Missoni for Target  please let me know where its made.

Then I got thinking… again…if it was made in in maybe, China, it was produced in very high volume in order to keep the cost low as opposed maybe handmade in Italy in a FAR fewer quantity with a higher price tag. I say maybe a lot because this is hypothetical but highly possible just change a few variables like China to Cambodia. Couple the mass quantity of Missoni for Target and the consumers highly frenzied desire to own a name or label. Uh huh, just to own a name. I bet some people don’t even like the lines style and bought it just to say the name when company comes over.  PASS! I will keep saving for my pillows in all of their exclusive goodness. To me Missoni means special, luxurious, exclusive and I felt all of this was taken away and the name cheapened a little. The crash made Missoni a household name and less special. Just a little bit less. I still want my pillows.

Now, before you call me a name I would never write on here but I can imagine if you don’t agree with me, please keep reading. Thank you so much, you look fantastic. I love your shoes!

I asked Elana Pruitt of Good Girl Gone Shopping her take on luxury designer/Chain Store collaborations. Here’s what she said:

I actually appreciate the collabs, because it gives the masses a taste of couture/designer wear at their budgeted level. I can see how it seems to cheapen the brand, but I think it shows good business sense and making it more inclusive for everyone vs exclusive to those who can afford lux pieces.  I just like when places like Target and even H&M offer the public just a taste of couture-ish style.

After reading that I instantly thought, not of fashionistas waking at the crack of dawn but of some girl next door, down the way, in the back woods staring out her window late at night wishing on stars that she could own a symbol of luxury. The same way I dream of adorning my vintage sofa with several $300 pillows.  Just a little piece/pillow of her/my  favorite designer. Something to hold her/me over until she/I could afford the real thing/sweater. Those same months I spent in a funk about high fashion to the masses, she spent saving all her lunch money and allowance to buy her hearts desire, the same way I save for my pillows. And realize we are all the same in our desire for pretty things.  Some of us just want it a little more exclusive.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pattern and Texture

sat shop 001

Doing what I do at work. Fixing my fro.

sat shop 004

I love the pleats and drape across the hip.

sat shop 005

Man is it hard to take pics of myself. It’s also hard for me not to look confused. This is one of my favorite outfits.  I love comfort and this dress seals the deal. The slit is VERY open for dramatic reasons. Huge safety pin added for fun and to make the slit higher.


Dress/Tunic Transparente a funky little German line we carry in the shop.

Fishnet patchwork leggings from Target

Boots Target.

I love these boots a lady came into the shop wearing them and I ran out to get some. I love them.

Black Out


Black makes such a statement.



Want to wear a whole lot of texture, shine, ruching  and beading? Do it in all black.


So simple and chic. Add cropped denim jacket and Doc Martens. Maybe ballet flats and a cardigan for the beach.  Jewels and Louboutin for a fancy party. If this came in a cotton I would wear this dress the first day of every period. Yes, I just got real. I hate to have clothing touching me during that special time. I bet you don’t either.


If this were blown up I would love to have this hanging in my home somewhere. Hmmm DIY.

I recently discovered this among my tweets. Check out the links below.



@HowSheWoreIt What is the CA angle on: How Not to Wear Black via @sassyhongkong


Well, I thought, I am the wrong girl to ask this since I love an all black outfit. My entire wardrobe consist of so much black. I love it. My mother hates it. It’s an on going battle.  Although I don’t necessarily feel slimmer in black, I like the clean line it gives to my short body.  And it’s so easy to put on and even easier to fall into a rut.  But a girl cannot dress by black alone.  I do wear color. Lots of it. Bright color. Muted color. Printed color. All color.



This outfit reminds me of a vacation.


Cute little dress from Target for my sisters wedding a couple of years ago.

crystals 101

BBQ with friends. I love this coral


But black really lends something to a wardrobe. It’s such a safe color too. I’m not talking safe like depressed kid trying to be all emo or goth or beatnik. Safe as in black is such a great color to take risk with. Black allows you to try a trendy dress or top silhouette without risking a wardrobe fail.

riskyblackdresscolored chairs



Visualize this dress in  any one or all of the colors of these chairs

It would be too much and overwhelm the person wearing it.    A stylish and artful impact is made with the dress in black and what appears to be eggplant.  The color doesn’t take over the design. Which if you chose to wear this dress you are wearing it for the design, I hope, to begin with.  Some things are better left black and if not black a solid color. Also, it is nice to wear a creatively designed garment because of the lines and shapes it holds.

Black on black with colored shoes and accessories is a low maintenance look. Most people have a goal of looking neat groomed and put together each  morning. If you are on a budget and can only afford a few looks for your office wear and going out wear buy these in black and break it up with color.

Black is only as good as its blackness. I can’t get the laundry thing down. I ruin and have to fix up a lot. We have all been guilty of mistreating our clothing, especially in regards to laundering. A bottle of Rit Dye will spruce your black and make it like new again. Like the one black top that got mixed with the white in the laundry and now has white fuzz that just won’t go away, dye it. Whitish pills on a sweater from mistreatment. Dye it.  Faded with a gray haze. Dye it. Follow the directions on your fabric label, washing machine, and dye.  

Think of an all black outfit as a canvas ready to be adorned in which way you like.

Thanks google search and pinterest for my images.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What She Read Book Club: Valley of the Dolls


My copy looks like this, sans cover, and as of a few minutes ago the back cover too.





Thanks Google for the photos. Stills from the movie and vintage poster.

If I post about fashion books I guess I should talk about other books I read. So raise your gin tonic with 3 limes, perfectly crushed glass to the How She Wore It: What She Read Book Club. Just call it HSWIWSRBC. For the month of September we will indulge in The Valley of the Dolls by Jacquline Suzann.  I inherited from my sister almost 15years ago. I asked her what “dolls” were and my ever so honest 19 years my senior sister told me they were pills. I finally read it when I was 19. And tonight I begin it again thank to the lovely boyfriend MD. He saw my copy and then picked on up for himself at an estate sale this weekend.   We often read books together, we geek out together. I think he’s in for a treat and you may be too. Let me know what you think. If you’ve read it give me your take. If you haven’t read it please join MD and I on a trip to the Valley.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Airy

Fall Market 023sheermaxi

Fall Market 022minisheer

Fall Market 024sheerlong

Fall Market 042sheercolor

The world has seen enough of big ol flowers and big ol tutus on toddlers. Ladies it your turn, sheer tutu inspired skirts are the next big thing.  Mark my words. Over the next couple years you will see more and more sheer skirts made of tulle, netting, and organza. These are photos from a buying trip I took to LA for Fall/Spring 2012 market. Sheer skirts are all the rage from European designers to American designers as well.  The skirts pictured will retail in the 200-300 range, a bit steep for what it is but I found these @ everyones FAVE online store, Modcloth.





Though these are not necessarily replicas of the ones I found, they posses the same sheer airy element that is going to be a major must have in the seasons to come.

Stock up on fun, colored, and patterned tights this fall so you can have them ready for Spring 2012!!!