Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Airy

Fall Market 023sheermaxi

Fall Market 022minisheer

Fall Market 024sheerlong

Fall Market 042sheercolor

The world has seen enough of big ol flowers and big ol tutus on toddlers. Ladies it your turn, sheer tutu inspired skirts are the next big thing.  Mark my words. Over the next couple years you will see more and more sheer skirts made of tulle, netting, and organza. These are photos from a buying trip I took to LA for Fall/Spring 2012 market. Sheer skirts are all the rage from European designers to American designers as well.  The skirts pictured will retail in the 200-300 range, a bit steep for what it is but I found these @ everyones FAVE online store, Modcloth.





Though these are not necessarily replicas of the ones I found, they posses the same sheer airy element that is going to be a major must have in the seasons to come.

Stock up on fun, colored, and patterned tights this fall so you can have them ready for Spring 2012!!!

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