Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing & Hoping

So Missoni For Target is the crash heard around the world. I never thought a luxury label would do that in a chain store. I guess everyone wants a piece of fashion from the iconic design house. Hurray for Target and Missoni but I wonder what these collaborations of bringing high fashion to the masses does to a brand. To the consumer. Is it still special? I have always wanted Missoni pillows for their beauty and exclusivity. I have loved their line for a lifetime with their  Italian sensibility, the famous zigzag, and their bold use of color.

After months of anticipation I decided I wouldn’t buy the clothes. I have a deep fear of seeing someone with an item I have on. The home furnishing I thought would do. Maybe a rug or a vase. A small piece until I save to buy the real Missoni pillows I love. On second thought I will bypass the collection completely. Don’t get me wrong. It is all so beautiful and probably made in China.  Anyone out there with something from Missoni for Target  please let me know where its made.

Then I got thinking… again…if it was made in in maybe, China, it was produced in very high volume in order to keep the cost low as opposed maybe handmade in Italy in a FAR fewer quantity with a higher price tag. I say maybe a lot because this is hypothetical but highly possible just change a few variables like China to Cambodia. Couple the mass quantity of Missoni for Target and the consumers highly frenzied desire to own a name or label. Uh huh, just to own a name. I bet some people don’t even like the lines style and bought it just to say the name when company comes over.  PASS! I will keep saving for my pillows in all of their exclusive goodness. To me Missoni means special, luxurious, exclusive and I felt all of this was taken away and the name cheapened a little. The crash made Missoni a household name and less special. Just a little bit less. I still want my pillows.

Now, before you call me a name I would never write on here but I can imagine if you don’t agree with me, please keep reading. Thank you so much, you look fantastic. I love your shoes!

I asked Elana Pruitt of Good Girl Gone Shopping her take on luxury designer/Chain Store collaborations. Here’s what she said:

I actually appreciate the collabs, because it gives the masses a taste of couture/designer wear at their budgeted level. I can see how it seems to cheapen the brand, but I think it shows good business sense and making it more inclusive for everyone vs exclusive to those who can afford lux pieces.  I just like when places like Target and even H&M offer the public just a taste of couture-ish style.

After reading that I instantly thought, not of fashionistas waking at the crack of dawn but of some girl next door, down the way, in the back woods staring out her window late at night wishing on stars that she could own a symbol of luxury. The same way I dream of adorning my vintage sofa with several $300 pillows.  Just a little piece/pillow of her/my  favorite designer. Something to hold her/me over until she/I could afford the real thing/sweater. Those same months I spent in a funk about high fashion to the masses, she spent saving all her lunch money and allowance to buy her hearts desire, the same way I save for my pillows. And realize we are all the same in our desire for pretty things.  Some of us just want it a little more exclusive.



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