Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Out


Black makes such a statement.



Want to wear a whole lot of texture, shine, ruching  and beading? Do it in all black.


So simple and chic. Add cropped denim jacket and Doc Martens. Maybe ballet flats and a cardigan for the beach.  Jewels and Louboutin for a fancy party. If this came in a cotton I would wear this dress the first day of every period. Yes, I just got real. I hate to have clothing touching me during that special time. I bet you don’t either.


If this were blown up I would love to have this hanging in my home somewhere. Hmmm DIY.

I recently discovered this among my tweets. Check out the links below.



@HowSheWoreIt What is the CA angle on: How Not to Wear Black http://tinyurl.com/3rjszg4 via @sassyhongkong


Well, I thought, I am the wrong girl to ask this since I love an all black outfit. My entire wardrobe consist of so much black. I love it. My mother hates it. It’s an on going battle.  Although I don’t necessarily feel slimmer in black, I like the clean line it gives to my short body.  And it’s so easy to put on and even easier to fall into a rut.  But a girl cannot dress by black alone.  I do wear color. Lots of it. Bright color. Muted color. Printed color. All color.



This outfit reminds me of a vacation.


Cute little dress from Target for my sisters wedding a couple of years ago.

crystals 101

BBQ with friends. I love this coral


But black really lends something to a wardrobe. It’s such a safe color too. I’m not talking safe like depressed kid trying to be all emo or goth or beatnik. Safe as in black is such a great color to take risk with. Black allows you to try a trendy dress or top silhouette without risking a wardrobe fail.

riskyblackdresscolored chairs



Visualize this dress in  any one or all of the colors of these chairs

It would be too much and overwhelm the person wearing it.    A stylish and artful impact is made with the dress in black and what appears to be eggplant.  The color doesn’t take over the design. Which if you chose to wear this dress you are wearing it for the design, I hope, to begin with.  Some things are better left black and if not black a solid color. Also, it is nice to wear a creatively designed garment because of the lines and shapes it holds.

Black on black with colored shoes and accessories is a low maintenance look. Most people have a goal of looking neat groomed and put together each  morning. If you are on a budget and can only afford a few looks for your office wear and going out wear buy these in black and break it up with color.

Black is only as good as its blackness. I can’t get the laundry thing down. I ruin and have to fix up a lot. We have all been guilty of mistreating our clothing, especially in regards to laundering. A bottle of Rit Dye will spruce your black and make it like new again. Like the one black top that got mixed with the white in the laundry and now has white fuzz that just won’t go away, dye it. Whitish pills on a sweater from mistreatment. Dye it.  Faded with a gray haze. Dye it. Follow the directions on your fabric label, washing machine, and dye.  

Think of an all black outfit as a canvas ready to be adorned in which way you like.

Thanks google search and pinterest for my images.

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  1. Black is chic and timeless. Trends come and go, but the neutral classic feel of black will always be in fashion. I LOVE playing with color, but it's usually just a peep of it against black. It's like a peekaboo style! Love the article. xo