Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something New

I swear I'm the only woman in my family who doesn't wear red lipstick. I've been experimenting lately with different textures and colors and discovered that I can wear red easily without it getting all over my face.
I bought a matte color to give my face a lift for Fashion's Night Out and I've been wearing it almost daily. For definition I line my lips with Macs Cherry pencil I fill in with Ruby Woo by Mac and dab just a bit of Macs Slim shine lipstick in Urgent!
To finish the look I use a little bit of Maybelline BB cream In deep and Maybelline Mega plush volume express mascara.
It's a great dramatic look for when I'm working the shop and it easy to achieve. I mean who wants to wear tons of make up in the sweltering heat? Or spend a lot of time on a look to sweat it off.
I like the red lips I'll continue to try it out and experiment. So tell me how do you wear the bold lips?


  1. beautiful! i struggle with a red that doesn't look too orangey on me. i need a stylist ;)

  2. you look so fantastic! I love you in red. I have Ruby Woo too but I need to do your more complex layering because mine just looks really "Vive" and dry. Sorrelle as always you're the best!