Monday, July 11, 2011

Should I Stay Or Should I Fro?

About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to be chemical free when it come to my beauty regimen.  I felt I had spent too many hours laboring over my hair to make it do something other than it wanted to do. I wanted the option to get caught in a rain storm and linger with out wondering if my hair was going to go back to seed, back to its roots, back to the natural me.  A long steamy shower would be met by confusion. Do I? Don’t I? Do I want to take the time to re-do what I have just done to my hair? The answer was always no.

So in college I had decided I had enough of chemically straightened hair and for a couple of years I rock a short curly baby fro look and a few years later it became huge, lovely and fluffy.  Then something  very tragic changed my life. And then I cut it. Again. I needed to free myself from something. Not only did I cut it but I relaxed it. I did severe damage to my hair over and over again for two years. I was so sad during this time as id I’d lost myself. Then I cut it off again. When I say cut think Hallee Berry. I had to get back to my roots. My easy like Sunday morning feeling about my hair. My YES! I’m diving into the pool on a whim hair. Romantic shower sign me up. I finally didn’t care about my hair. Well, I care for my hair but I could now have my freedom back. It was like a new life, a full life. A life where I didn’t have to flee the sight of water. How amazing it feels to free yourself and find that you like the natural unaltered self better.

When it comes to your beauty and fashion routine, what have you let go of for a better quality of life? I am currently laying off the powder and foundations. It’s much too hot. And I want to get comfy in my own facial skin and not depend on covering up when I should focus on treating and maintaining my skin. What about you?



 afrodoll I have no idea where I found this pic. I wish I had the source because I would love to own her.

blondefro Afros in blonde. I heart it.

etsygirlFind her and her lovely things here.

huge This looks like Diana Ross only she had those eyes  and I’m loving the asymmetry.

motherdaughter-afro The sweetest pic I have ever seen, so sweet.

481 Esperanza Spalding, jazz genius and the best thing to happen to American music since Gershwin. I had the pleasure of seeing her last summer @ the Playboy Jazz Festival where I snagged this pic.

701 Myself as I grow the fro.


  1. i love your fro ;) i am working on decluttering and simplifying my beauty routine:

    - i don't blow dry every day
    - i do color, but only about every other quarter or so...i love the look of grown-out roots ;)
    - i use tinted moisturizer now - no more pressed powder for me!
    - chapstick and mascara are my everyday staples...i add eyeliner for a night out

  2. I WISH I could just let my hair be au natural, I CAN'T, I have "mixed" hair and NOT the kind of mixed hair people are lucky to have. I also have come from a mommy who really didn't know how to do it. Thank God I found a great hair dresser who has learned the way around my head, but I still live by the motto "My Do, don't do water!" I have struggled my whole life with this issue. I LOVE your fro and I am so jealous of the freedom it gives you. If you have any advice, I will gladly accept and apply it :)