Saturday, July 9, 2011

Discover My Dwelling

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Here is one of the first things you will see in my 1100 sq.ft.  basement apartment. Yes, a finished basement in Southern Cali. When my mom bought her house I decided to stay a little (a few years) longer. We are divided by the kitchen and laundry room. We also have our own  entrances on opposite sides of the house. I’m even equipped with my own patio and garden, barely visible from my moms patio thanks to strategic potted plant arrangements.  Five or 6 years later it’s still just the two of us. Thank God we get along. I am so excited to start sharing my/our Home Style and all its uniqueness with you.

Back to the lecture at hand, the chest arrangement…

The chest everything is on top of ,and not pictured, stands about 4 ft. high and  was my moms when she was younger. It came all the way from Mississippi in the 60’s when she and her parents moved out here. I love old furniture.The imaginary history I give to my antique pieces makes me feel closer to them. Like are an inheritance of spirit and joy once brought to someone long ago.

The paintings are all done by me, as well as the  glass candle holders. The leopard print is Mod Podge and tissue paper and the pastel is glass enamel. I love to add my own art around my home.

The vase was found at Target a few years ago. The books are a part of my ever growing fashion library which I talk about in my From The Shelf sections. The lamp was my moms but I had to take have it when I scored an amazing vintage couch and arm chair from a Habitat For Humanity Re-Store.  The candle holders are a trio but the duo was enough for this set up.   

This is one of my favorite spots in my home.The chest is a mainstay only the landscape changes with my mood. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I do.

Side note: I really need to paint.

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