Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How She Wore It

Here’s what I had going on today in the wardrobe department…



fitz of passion 011

Vest, tank, and jeans: Old navy

fitz of passion 012

I am a little chubby at the moment. I fell in love and gained a few but still fierce.


fitz of passion 013

Purse: Anne Klein from the 80’s it was my grandmothers. She has the greatest taste.

Shoes: Pucci from 03. I love the cat eye ornament and the multi colored platform and heel. I wear these year ‘round. They are so comfy.

fitz of passion 017

Earrings: Fresh water pearl and sterling silver chain.   From my collection @ the shop. Contact me for sales info. 

Today was about achieving total comfort and ease but still having that something special  going on.  I was able to work and still go straight from work to doing fun errands with my boyfriend without changing.  I love Old Navy for their solid colors. I just wish they had a better and more consistent pattern grader.

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