Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rosé Out Look



The warmth of rose gold is amazing. Here’s a lovely trio of heavy meal and here’s how I would wear it…So simple. Since the items are so chunky you are going to want to dress simply.

Pair a white v neck tee with denim. A skirt is fine short as well.

A cute pair of chunky wedges in a nude or camel color.

A small pair of earring because the necklace is so bold and wear the bracelet and watch on the same are for major impact.

Put your hair off your shoulders as well. With your hair up you will get a nice clean line You should always dress with the intention of a long clean line.  That’s the ultimate weekend combo. Sassy and sophisticated. Enjoy!

60265399_bTlwJWGA_bFound here


TulestrosegoldFound here

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