Thursday, July 7, 2011

Color Me In

camel fuscia

Camel, a classic neutral pairs well with my fave color of all time fuchsia.




NAvyblue lemon yellow

Navy is such a great and lesser used neutral. I love pairing it with icy yellow. Yellow is THE color this season.


greyBackground orangy

Gray is fantastic next to orange. I love it. VERY fresh.

kellygreen white

Kelly green and white is like grass on clouds. Simple and clean.



A lesser done combo, but super worthy of trying is lilac and mocha. 

Color can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe no matter your lifestyle. If you don’t feel comfortable with color on your clothing make sure your accessories have  Also, tune up or tone down the intensity of a color. Intensity meaning how dull or bright, light or dark Like lilac  and eggplant they are both purples. I’m telling you a little color will change your life and your day.

I am going to wear something bright today.

What are you favorite color combos?


  1. hey, you're back ;) I looooove lilac and caramel/mocha. so pretty. my wedding was kelly green and white!

  2. love these combos-especially the lilac/mocha! and thanks for following my blog :)