Monday, July 18, 2011

Toledo Does Classic

I will buy, tear out, get a gift card, read, click and save,  I think you get the picture, of anything with an illustration by Ruben Toledo.  He captures with a delicate brush stroke the whimsy of a woman and strength of a fashion garment, giving it a life beyond paper. As if you can see the fabric actually moving within the art work. I totally love him.
But now he has taken my second love after fashion, books. I was walking through borders when I see something familiar peeking from the shelves and running along the spine of a book. I gasp, loudly. So loud my boyfriend is wondering what I have stumbled upon. I knew he was thinking I had unearthed some full script of Kerouac, Faulkner or Salinger (his faves) but when the words "it's Ruben..." come from my lips in a near whisper all he says is "oh".
I had to explain to him how much I love his art, how he has inspired my own fashion illustrations, and the fact he's giving the classics a total fashion makeover sets my little heart a beating. Now, he understands my love of Toledo. I am looking forward to adding these to my ever growing library.
Who are your favorite artist?

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