Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite Boy

Oh, how I wish he was a supermodel, but this works. This is my dear friend Ted and I goofing around after practicing out runway walks and making eyes with the buyers. The buyers being my 2 dogs and cat. I totally wish Ted worked in fashion he has an amazing eye and wants to bring back the 90's Heroin Chic like Kate Moss and the rest of the emaciated bunch. I am all for models being skinny, to a point. The least amount of fabric should be used for a sample so a thin model equals less fabric used. Its awesome especially if the sample doesnt sell you aren't out much money. But that's another story all together....I'm rambling.

Back to the lecture at hand...

Teddy K, as I call him, is just so beautiful it hurts and hes my best guy friend to boot. Fun to look at, fun to play with. His girlfriend is very lucky.

So heres Ted making his best faces. Enjoy this pretty face.

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