Friday, August 21, 2009

Have A Fit

The key to looking amazing and stylish is THE FIT. I can't say it enough. PROPER FIT PEOPLE MAKES THE OUTFIT. I don't care if you are a 00 or a 52 inch waist, it needs to FIT. It brings great pain to my heart to see beautiful people with unflattering fitting clothing when a size up or down can change you from a Damaging Don't to a Daring DO.

Because you are a 12 in one brand DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A 12 IN ALL BRANDS.
Open your mind to adjusting sizes due to:

FABRIC. heavy wovens and linens are to be loose. Knits should be loose. Silk loose. Cotton either or
SILHOUETTE ( items with darts or empire waist, tent shapes, baby doll, pencil skirts, oxford shirts, tailored items, etc)
CUT If a garment is cut on the bias ( you might have to go up 2 sizes)
Color. Bright colors should skim the body, dark can be snug. Still leaving breathing room.
Chest. IF the garment is too snug in the chest but fits properly elsewhere GO THE NEXT SIZE UP and tailor the rest to fit.
Hem. If you wear a very mini mini its OK to let it be one size larger. Allow the waist band to gently rest on the lower waist. If an item looks a little loose on the body the overall effect is slimming. It the proportion. If its a dress allow the thighs to float within the skirt.

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